Premier Fan Driven Odor Control System: This quiet continuous fan driven odor control unit works different than others on the market. Odor elimination is the overall objective and the Fikes System works around the clock by counteracting with any odor molecules that are present in the air. Utilizing natural aromatic compounds and advanced trade secrets this long lasting formula has provided odor elimination and pleasant aromas for customers everywhere. Available in: Almond, White, Black and Gray

Fragrances: We are proud to offer a wide variety of fragrance choices. All of the natural deodorizer selections come in either essential oil based liquids or natural wafers. The ability to adjust the strength and output to a desired setting makes the Fikes deodorizer unique. Consult a Fikes Representative to help you achieve your goals on everything from odor elimination to aroma therapy. Fragrances Available: Almond, Apple Jack, Baby Powder, Bayberry, Cherry, Cinnamon, Cool Breeze, Country Garden, Fall Harvest, Grapefruit, Green Apple, Jasmine, Key Lime, Lavender, Lemon, Lilac, Mango, Mulberry, Orange, Pina Colada, Pine, Raine, Spearmint, Spice, Strawberry, Tropicana, Vanilla, Wintermint, Woodlands and Zero (no-scent).

Metered Air Freshener: Another choice for Air Care is the patented Metered Aerosol. This odor neutralizer emits dry particles into the air that encapsulates malodor molecules and eliminates odors at the source. Our metered air fresheners are VOC compliant with no ozone depleting ingredients. Available in: White
Fragrances Available: Cucumber Melon, Strawberry Pear, Mango Breeze, Cotton Blossom, Sweet Pea, Wildberry, Cinnamon Stick, Linen Fresh, Citrus Sorbet, Pink Grapefruit, Mint Chocolate and Vanilla Bean.

Enzyme Uric Acid Eradicator: Attacks urine acid odors immediately through a powerful enzyme activated digestion process. Odors are masked in seconds while helpful bacteria remain to consume the odors source. Safe, non-acidic and non-caustic. Available in: Ready to use quart bottles and 12 quart cases.

Metazene Wall Spray: A concentrated spray that destroys stubborn odors on bathroom fixtures and surrounding surfaces. For just pennies a day a few squirts will do the trick. Available in: Cherry Blossom and Fresh Mint.

Deodorant Urinal Screens: Anti-bacterial odor and debris protection for urinals. Durable vinyl screen lasts up to 60 days. Fragrances Available: Cherry, Lemon or Potpourri fragrance.
Available in: Various color choices or Secret Message versions.
Quantities of: 12 per box and 72 per case.

Urinal Screens With Blocks: Pliable screen with para-block contained within is effective at trapping debris and drain protection. Deodorizes for up to 30 days. Quantities of 12 per box and 72 per case.

Urinal Block: Para-blocks are the practical foundation for all deodorizing systems. Effective as an added odor neutralizer when combined with urinal screens. Available in: 12 blocks per case, master case of 144.

Disposable Floor Mats: Fikes disposable floor mats will make restroom maintenance easier and faster. By placing them under urinals and toilets, unwanted splashes or drips are absorbed and the odors they cause are neutralized. They protect floor surfaces from stain, discoloration and uric acid damage. They also prevent cross-contamination by eliminating the tracking of urine from the restroom to other parts of the building. Fikes mats are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate most fixtures. Each mat provides a safer, drier floor surface with its special slip resistant base. Impregnated with a powerful deodorant to combat urine odors. When a mat has reached its saturation level of over 25 ounces (750 ml), simply throw it away! No need to clean or pressure wash.

Dumpster Deodorizer: Citro Fresh is a patented odor neutralizer combined with natural citronella oil. It eliminates stubborn malodors while also repelling flying insects. All natural infused granules effectively absorb liquids in waste receptacles and dumpsters leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance. Available in: Ready to use 12 ounce containers. 12 cans per case. Also available in 5 gallon pails for large applications.

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