About Our Installation Program:

At Fikes, service is our primary focus. We not only supply the equipment but can also install and mount numerous types of dispensers throughout your facility. Whether it is new construction or upgrading existing dispenser cabinetry through removal and replacement we are up to the task.
Ask about how we can provide dispensers for you at no cost.

Paper Towel Dispeners

Electronic Hands-Free Towel Dispenser: The sensor activated towel dispenser reduces paper consumption and guarantees maximum hygiene. Large detection zone for reliable operation. Adjustment setting is available to determine the desired paper portion dispensed. Four alkaline batteries provide power source for up to one year. Available in smoke or pearl white; color design available.

Auto-Cut Towel Dispenser: Auto cutting action and easy pull dispensing. Reliable one at a time dispensing helps reduce waste. Contemporary but reliable design. Hygienic and attractive at the same time. A highly reliable hygienic no touch dispensing system. Available in smoke or pearl white; color design available.

Push Lever Towel Dispenser: Smooth push bottom level is ADA compliant. Sturdy heavy gauge metal back with textured transparent front. Bottom push bar is user friendly and allows for easy operation. Push button or key lock option. Available in smoke or pearl white; color design available.

Multi-fold: Universal folded towel dispenser allows for easy towel removal and reduces multiple dispensing or “fall out”. No adjustment necessary for either multi-fold or C-folded towels. Available in compact version for smaller applications. Style choices include smoke transparent, white enamel, chrome and stainless steel finishes.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Standard Toilet Tissue Dispenser: Contemporary design saves space and is compatible with all standard toilet paper rolls. Provides easy access to reserve roll. Available in transparent smoke, pearl white or stainless steel.

Jumbo Single Toilet Tissue Dispenser: Universal for all brands of 9” jumbo toilet paper. Secure key lock or push button option. Available in transparent smoke, pearl white or stainless steel.

Jumbo Twin Dispenser: Pliable screen with para-block contained within is effective at trapping debris and drain protection. Deodorizes for up to 30 days. Quantities of 12 per box and 72 per case.

JRT Jumbo Tissue Dispenser: The new transparent JRT Jumbo tissue dispenser provides a graceful new look. The contemporary contoured design provides side by side practicality with a sleek new appearance. Replaceable security lock with a push button option. Available in transparent smoke or pearl white.

Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser: Universal hygienic half fold toilet seat cover dispensers are becoming a washroom standard. User friendly reliable operation allows for one biodegradable, flushable sheet per time. Available in transparent smoke, pearl white or stainless steel.

Soap Dispensers

Foam Soap Dispenser: Attractive foam and wash dispenser comes in both smoke and white. Contains a refillable 1000ml bladder. Full bladder allows for up to 2,500 portions and significant cost savings. Available in transparent smoke and white.

Bulk Soap Dispenser: Clear-Vu soap dispenser comes in both 46 and 30 ounce sizes. Accommodates all liquid and lotion soaps. See through tank and removable backplate allow for easy filling and operation. Available in white with a see-through front.

Bag in a Box Soap Dispensers: A metered push-bar controls the right amount of product needed for each hand wash. Easy push button open feature allows for easy loading. Available in both transparent smoke and white.

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